Steering Committee

RedVUCE’s Steering Committee is composed by a troika made up of the host country of the initiative’s last meeting and two more countries.


President Pro Tempore

The presidency of the RedVUCE is in charge of Peru.

Work Groups

RedVUCE’s work is carried out through three specialized groups, namely:

1. Harmonization Data Group

Its overall purpose is to define and implement a framework for joint harmonization of data exchange between countries through secure mechanisms, based on existing international instruments on standardization that allow to generate interoperability between countries as well.

A. To study standards and data harmonization proposals made by regional and international organizations.
B. To identify the applicability of international standards on data harmonization data through institutional consultation of those organizations involved in the trade single windows of the countries of the region.
C. To expand interoperability experiences carried out in other regions to assess their degree of reproducibility in the Americas.
D. To define a standardized data harmonization dictionary and other technical requirements.

2. Regulatory Group

The overall purpose of the Regulatory Group is to define the governing framework that enables the exchange of information between trade single windows, which may involve endorsing regional regulation through the signing of memoranda of understanding, the adoption of legal agreements through international treaties, or other related mechanisms. This group discusses issues such as dispute resolution (e.g. legitimacy of electronic documents as evidence in court, or homologation of physical documents and protocols), acceptance of electronic documents, data protection, electronic signatures, and data retention and storage, among other issues.

A. To analyze and validate existing legal interoperability rules within the framework of trade integration agreements.
B. To analyze and legally validate technological and harmonization standards of interoperable trade documents.
C. To analyze and define legal instruments of regional scope to harmonize the development of trade single windows, ensuring their interoperability within legal and proving validity.

3. Technology Group

The overall purpose of the Technology Group is to support the definition of a technological model that allows the exchange of information between countries in the region. It focuses on the creation, adoption and adaptation of technological standards, architecture systems, interoperability, and security.

A. To define communication protocols.
B. To define security standards for interoperability authentication and authorization to analyze and validate the technological and legal harmonization in interoperable trade documents.
C. To design an SOA architecture model to develop new systems that are part of the RedVUCE
D. To define and list good practices to develop an implementation process for new RedVUCE members.

Work Groups